At concerts, fairs, sport events or as a billboard – the LED wall has become indispensable. In a time of ongoing digitalisation, it is not astonishing that such an efficient and flexibly applicable technology is continuously gaining importance. For many occasions, the LED wall and its practicability are simply crucial.

Curious to learn more about LED walls? Then LEDTEK is by your side with help and advice. Whether indoor or outdoor wall, from us you get numerous products, either for purchase or through rental from one of our partners. It is up to you to decide if you want a rental wall or a permanent installation. Just note that all LED walls can be installed permanently on a wall, but only a number of models offer a front service. It is therefore crucial for us to harmonise the indoor or outdoor installations and their varying features with your product requirements. If you are looking for a LEDTEK product yourself, this entry will help you figure out the differences between the walls and will be a helpful guide to make the right choice for your plans!


  • Indoor
  • Pixel pitch of 2,6 mm
  • Viewing distance of 3m
  • Curveable up to 90°

You need a highly efficient LED installation for TV or movie productions that also fully lives up to its potential in robustness? Then the P2+sBL NEO is your best option. With a pixel pitch of only 2.6mm, this indoor system enables the production of sharp and lively HDR presentations that come into their own from a viewing distance of 3m. Hence, this product is particularly suitable for bigger events: fairs, exhibitions or presentations are just some examples. For indoor events of any kind, the P2+sBL NEO comes with a high resistance for assembly and dismantling, but also the transport of the cabinets – thanks to the built-in QUADTEK technology. With QUADTEK, four SMD LEDs are connected to form a unit instead of individual LEDs placed next to each other, which is why the NEO tolerates a higher impact force compared to other series. Thus, the rental and transport of the LED wall is a carefree process. This flexibility of the NEO can additionally be complemented by a small number of components that keep the installation process as simple as possible. With the unique P2+sBL NEO, LEDTEK can also offer an up to 90° curveable LED wall that offers space for any of your projects.

To provide the construction stability, there is the option to build it with Tri-Frames. With that, you can put installations of up to 8m (indoors and outdoors) into action. Similarly, an indoor installation can be given additional stability with the help of the promptly installed Tri-Frame base plate.



  • Indoor
  • Pixel pitch of 2,97 mm
  • Viewing distance of 3 m
  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio

You need a lower-cost model that is still as outstanding? The P2+BL PRO fulfils these requirements. With a pixel pitch of 2.97 mm, the high-quality and true-to-colour images are optimally displayed at a viewing distance of 3m. This makes the PRO especially useful at indoor events like fairs, presentations or concerts. Furthermore, the customer can choose from two sizes – the bigger, but simpler indoor cabinet, or the smaller P2+sBL PRO, which, in relation to the NEO, is the more economical alternative at a similar performance. Like the NEO, this model is compatible with the Tri-Frame in the same way. They are also able to stabilise the flexibly usable LED dolly – a mobile version of the P2+BL PRO, which allows the LED wall to be moved to nearby locations.



  • Outdoor
  • Pixel pitch of 4.81 mm
  • Viewing distance of 5 m
  • Luminosity of 4,500 Nits

When the features and the requirements of the P2+BL PRO overlap, but the wall needs to be used for outdoor events, then the P4+WH PRO is a good option. With a pixel pitch of 4.81, the images produced are particularly effective at a viewing distance of 5 meters. This PRO-version is therefore the perfect fit for concerts, festivals, sport events or public viewing. It withstands any weather condition – no matter if rain or snow. With a luminosity of 4,500 Nits, intense and colourful images are guaranteed even on particularly bright days. It can be used in outdoor, but also indoor areas. Just as the previous variants, it is compatible with the Tri-Frame and all the construction options that are connected to it. Therefore, the P4+WH PRO has the required stability and expandability of up to 7m (indoors up to 10m) and can be hung up to a height of 11m thanks to the stable Layher scaffolding. Additionally, the PRO can be combined with an LED dolly without difficulty and can be transformed into perimeter advertising. Finally, our customers are given the choice between a higher model or the smaller P4+sWH PRO.


  • Outdoor
  • in combination with the P4+WH PRO
  • mobile and flexible use
  • short-term dismantling

If you are convinced by the P4+WH PRO but are often travelling for short periods to locations at a greater distance, there is the option of using our mobile LED trailer. The upright LED wall can withstand both bright daylight and icy weather, and also warns of high wind speeds thanks to an built-in alarm system. You simply need a power source plus a trailer coupling and the trailer can be transported to its next location and put into operation with only a few steps. Just as simple is the operation via smartphone or webbrowser thanks to the built-in NovaStar Taurus Stand Alone device. If necessary, the trailer is also available with the high-performance All-in-One NovaStar controller and its integrated scaler.



  • Indoor
  • Pixel pitch of 3.91 mm
  • Viewing distance of 3.5 m
  • Luminosity of 1,100 to 1,400 Nits

If you need a high-quality, but at the same time energy-efficient indoor wall for a smaller venue, the P3+BL is the right choice for you. With a pixel pitch of 3.91mm, we ensure our customers a sharp image; tailored to a viewing distance of 3.5m. The reduced luminosity of 1,100 to 1,400 Nits compared to previous models is particularly suitable for indoor use on advertising spaces, in shop windows, for TV broadcasts or presentations. The P3+BL can be used for concerts and sport events in covered outdoor areas. Also here, one can decide for either the higher model or the smaller P3+sBL – both are the cheaper alternative for the NEO in the indoor and outdoor variant of the PRO-series.



  • Permanent installation indoors
  • Pixel pitch of 0.93 mm up to 3.75 mm
  • Viewing distance 1m to 2.5 m
  • Frontservice

If you are thinking about a permanent installation, then our P1/P2/P3+ cabinets are the right option for you. Here, our customers have the choice between numerous LEDBRIX models, that vary by a pixel pitch of 0.93 up to 3.75mm and a viewing distance of 1 to 2.5m. Therefore, our customers can decide about the sharpness that meets their demands. Especially for fairs, exhibitions, in offices or for presentations, they are recommended. The high-contrast indoor modules go hand in hand with a uniquely efficient magnetic tile set-up, which enables front service and thus guarantees long-lasting ease of maintenance. They take up very little space in an exceptionally narrow façade construction. As with all other series, the LEDBRIX also comes with a free 48-hour replacement service within the guarantee, which will deliver a replacement panel to you if required.



  • Permanent installation outdoors
  • Pixel pitch of 4 mm, 5 mm or 6.67 mm
  • Viewing distance of 4 m, 5 m or 7.5 m
  • Frontservice

If you need a permanent installation for outdoors, you can use the P4/P5/P6+ cabinets. Customers can choose between three different LEDBRIX cabinets with a pixel pitch of 4mm, 5mm or 6.67mm and a viewing distance of 4m, 5m, or 7.5m. With a luminosity of 5,000 Nits, the outdoor models can be used in direct sunlight, but also defy rain and snow. Hence, the use of such an outdoor system is especially worth it with advertising or information boards and billboards. Here too, the front service made possible by the use of magnetic tiles guarantees an efficient maintenance process and the free 48-hour replacement service ensures that new replacement panels are delivered to you quickly.

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