Ever higher demands are being placed on the display quality of LED displays, especially in the high-end sector. In practice, however, problems such as poor-quality images or colour distortions can occur. NovaStar’s Image Boost technology can solve these problems. And even a little more.

How does the Image Boost work?

NovaStar’s Image Boost works with three tools that make detailed image content and more realistic colours possible so that the capability of the LED wall can be exhausted completely.

Color Gamut

Offers the restoration of real colours with only one click and delivers an intelligent analysis of the colour accuracy.

Under “Color Gamut”, you can set the colour space calibration. Colour space means the visible colour spectrum that the LED wall is able to portray.

Initially this does not mean more than a colour palette that the LED wall has at display to “paint” its image. With display devices like the LED cabinets, technical requirements result in the inability that not the entire bandwidth of humanly visible colours as on a screen can be used.

Overall, the adapted colour space calibration means that also walls of different series (e.g. P2+sBL and P4+WH Pro) are visually barely distinguishable. If two walls are calibrated with the same colour space, their differences are barely noticeable. This is also the case when they are positioned directly next to each other.

Slight deviations can occur due to the technical invariable requirements, so that the primary colours still differ a little from each another. Without the colour space variation, however, the difference in shade of different LED wall series is visible more clearly and visually disturbing in practice. Not only different series of one manufacturer, but also different LED walls of two different manufacturers can be colour-matched. With Colour Gamut, you can therefore work excellently across systems.

The following illustration of the same image section with and without the colour gamut function switched on shows the extent of the adjustment:

Farbkalibrierung Mensch

Source: LedTek (E)

Here, it is clearly visible how the red on the right is overdriven and differs completely from the basic colour of the image section on the left. With the adapted colour space calibration, you can prevent exactly this form of a caustic atmosphere of two walls. Eventually, Colour Gamut could simply be called a standardization of the colour basis for an image of an LED wall. After using Colour Gamut, both series are insofar adapted to one another regarding their colour that the human eye cannot notice a difference. For the stage setting, this means a considerable aesthetic additional value.

For setting the colour space, the Image Boost offers several standardized variants. Here, the selection of the colour space depends on the one hand to which application your playback device is supposed to be calibrated and on the other hand, which variant you tend to most. Usually, the differences are very marginal. Furthermore, it is important that all devices in use work with the same colour space.

22bit+ Technologie

Enables a dynamic improvement of the contrast with on 0.001 nits precise control.

With the 22bit+ technology, NovaStar reacts to the loss of the colour-coordinated dynamic area, that happens inevitably with the reduction of the brightness of the LED wall. The intermediate levels that are lost are replaced by using 22bit+ technology to partially restore the original dynamic range.

Source: NovaStar (M)

Precise Grayscale

Allows an even more precise grayscale calibration of the contents, which becomes particularly visible with darker images.

The grayscale, however, is either to switch on or off and does not offer any other internal gradations. Whether the grayscale is switched on or not influences how the gray tones of the displayed material are calculated. It is about activating the fine correction values whose usefulness depends on how you want the gradations for your display content to be. In some cases, the desire for a clear edge in the picture detail can no longer be fulfilled when activating the Grayscale. However, usually the Grayscale creates a visible additional benefit for most displayed contents.

It applies to all processes that the final setting depends on your taste and the type of content you want to display.

Farbkalibrierung Katze Schallplatte

Source: LedTek (E)

Source: NovaStar (M)

Possibilities for use

By using these tools, contour lines, colour shifts, image noise and colorimetric shifts can be decreased effectively, so that the image material is displayed even more detailed and true to colour on the LED wall. To demonstrate the possibilities, we tested the Image Boost on our indoor wall P2+sBL.

The left part of the images is displayed without, the right part with an activated Image Booster.

Source: LedTek (E)

Besides using the Image Boost with high-resolution Indoor LED walls up to a pixel pitch of 3mm, like e.g. our P2+sBL, you can use it as well for a coordinated reduction of brightness of our outdoor walls like the P4+WH Pro. The latter variant makes the use of the outdoor products indoor possible, without qualitative disadvantages in the displayed image that usually occur through the reduction of brightness. After activating the Image Boost, the LED wall runs with ca. 20% of the initial brightness if it is set to 100% in the controller. The 22+bit technology makes it hereby possible to entirely use the dynamic range of the LED wall.

What do I need for the activation of the Image Boost?

To activate the technology, you need to run a firmware update. Here, imply refer to our installation manual. At the moment, the activation of the Image Boost works with the LedTek series P2+sBL and P4+WH Pro. All products going into production at LedTek from 2022 onwards will be fully equipped with the Image Boost option. Image Boost is also available with NovaStar’s Amor Series.

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