It is not ideal to construct an LED wall with cabinets of different versions, but it is possible. We recommend you, if possible, to always use cabinets of the same version. This saves you time and nerves. Nonetheless, we were positively surprised by the results of the calibration of versions 1 and 2 of our P4+WH Pro.

Where is the problem?

To achieve a good result with an LED wall in mixed operation, the colour and brightness adjustment of the cabinets is particularly important. We place value on the compatibility of our cabinets, but a one hundred per cent match can still not be achieved. It is not easy to match the colours and it can indeed become an ordeal. For once one has found the right colours and changes the brightness, one can start from the beginning with adapting the colours. Brightness and colour fidelity must therefore be adjusted to each other again and again, which is a Sisyphean task, especially with colourful moving images.

With different versions of the same LED wall, it can furthermore happen that there are slight differences in the colour of the shaders. Nonetheless, these are only visible with certain light constellations.

The strengths of the Pro

With both versions of the Pro-series we noticed that these problems do not arise to the usual extent. The colour and brightness fidelity are outstandingly good and even surprised us. The trick is that the Pro makes a dynamic colour and brightness adjustment. So, if you match the colours and then change the brightness of the modules, the Pro manages to match the colours again accordingly. And we think it is really doing a great job. Or do you notice any differences between version 1 and 2 in the video?

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