NovaStar, LEDTEK’s distribution partner, started the summer with two new products. The devices are part of the MX-series that was already launched at the beginning of last year with the LED controller MX40 Pro. Here, we are listing all the features, advantages and areas of use:

A new generation

Like all new MX-devices, the MX6000 and the MX20 work with the COEX control system and the VMP-software, which offers a number of advantages over the devices of the previous NovaLCT software. The The VMP-capable devices are suitable for particularly large productions thanks to the ability to easily manage multiple screens, offer professional image quality and notably precise colour adjustments. It offers a professional image quality and outstandingly precise colour adaption. This means that NovaStar’s solution is ideal for extensive high-end applications, touring, studio broadcasting and e-sports.

MX6000 and MX20: where they are similar

Before we take a look at the differences of the two new MX-devices, we are listing you their features that make these and many other NovaStar devices the market leaders they are. Both devices offer the feature of 14-channel colour correction and makes therefore a precise adaption of shade, saturation and brightness, of black and white, as well as the 12 basic colours of RBG possible. Even the greyscale calibration of the highly precise NovaStar calibration system is supported by both controllers. This allows unique calibration coefficients to be generated for each grey level, ensuring the uniformity of each grey level and significantly improving image quality. The available layers can be controlled flexibly and individually with both devices. Each image layer is offered with 4 different scaling modes (custom, pixel to pixel, fit to canvas and fill screen). In a flexible system, the MX20 as well as the MX6000 Pro work with a latency of less than 1ms.  It is also possible to play on irregular screens due to the absence of a rectangle restriction. This means that for the calculation of the resolution, empty pixels are not counted towards the overall capacity. Besides, all error and alarm information can actively be reported. Hence, you can always depend on the technical future-oriented basic data of the NovaStar portfolio.

Down to business

In the execution of their available features, the MX6000 Pro and the MX20 differ significantly. With a pixel capacity of 3.9 million pixels, the MX20 lies behind the MX40 Pro and far behind the capacity of the MX6000, which, with a number of 141 million controllable pixels, plays in the league of the largest device in the NovaStar H-series.

MX6000 Pro

Just as the H-series, you receive the MX6000 in a practical modular system with overall 8 inputs. The entry card supports 4K@60Hz (4x HDMI2.0/4xDP1.2/4x12G-SDI) and 8K@30Hz (2xHDMI2.1/2xDP1.4). The output card supports the 1G MX- and the 5G CX-solution.

With the MX6000, a single output card supports up to 4 layers, the overall device up to 32 4k layers. The function of layer-roaming is available as well.

Besides the 14-channel colour correction, the MX6000 Pro offers the possibility to replace an arbitrary colour in the image with another colour, without affecting any of the other colours.


The MX20 is another All-in-One display controller of the MX-series. With the smallest device of the series, three image layers in individual setting and layer priority can be presented. The controller integrates video processing and video controlling in one case and offers 2x HDMI 1.3, 1x 3G-SDI input connections, 6x Ethernet output connections and 2x optical 10G-connections.

The MX20 offers two different work modes (send-only and All-in-One). The latency of the device can be adapted flexibly via the settings of the work mode. In the “Send-Only Controller mode”, the time of latency can be reduced by one image. Only in the “All-in-One-Controller mode”, the layer and scaling functions are available that naturally (minimally) slow the process down. Are these functions not necessary for the use, the already low latency can be reduced once again by switching the work mode.

Who is who: an overview

When taking a closer view at the pixel capacity of the NovaStar devices, one thing becomes clear: some controllers are similar. The differences are in the software that is used and the individual outputs. The new MX20 is comparable to the former VX6S, now VX600. With the MX30, you invest in the VMP version of the VX1000, and the MX40 Pro is similar to the UHD devices of the All-in-One series. The following always applies: new software, almost the same range. The various connection options are particularly relevant in practice for some doppelgangers. For example, the 4K/2K device MX30 provides an HDMI 2.0 input, unlike the VX1000 that does not have this feature.  This addition is particularly advantageous for custom pixel resolution.

MX6000 Pro

Technical basis data
INPUT HDMI 2.0 / DP1.2 / 12G-SD / HDMI 2.1 / DP 1.4
  • 4K/ 8K-Scaler with 141 milllion pixels
  • Multi-Layer/ Low Latency/ Dynamic Booster


NovaStar, MX20, LED Wand kaufen, LED Wand leihen

Technical basis data
  • Scaler with 3.9 million pixels
  • 3 Layer/ Low Latency

As soon as the devices are in stock, they will be added to the LEDTEK NovaStar shop. Don’t worry, we will let you know!

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