NovaStar makes everything new, everything bigger and better. With this, the market leader specialised in LED controlling solutions is now finally on its way into the professional league of High End-applications. With its overall solution that contains new controllers, improved receiving cards and a new software, NovaStar heralds a new era.

The overall solution for professional results

The VMP software is part of a new, clever system that makes an incomparable professional image quality and precise colour adaption possible. Especially for big High-End applications like touring, studio broadcasting or E-Sport, the new solution by NovaStar can develop its entire potential. Besides the software it contains new device series, namely the MX-series for all-in-one devices (like previously e.g. the VX4S or the NovaPto UHD) and the SU-series (instead of the MCTRL sending cards). The MX40 and the SU20 are already on the market, and they will be accompanied by further devices in the future.

The VMP replaces the well-known NovaLCT software and this should be kept in mind as the VMP software only works with the new devices, but not with the old series. Here we want to talk about the new software because it has it all – and can even rival the established Tessera software by Brompton Technology.

Complexity as simple as possible – the VMP software

VMP is a Vision Management Platform. Compared to NovaLCT it offers an entirely new workflow and combines in itself the design, management and the supervision of contents in one single application. The software is intuitive and easy to operate. It converts previously complicated processes into user-friendly sequences. For example, automatic real-time mapping of the LED cabinets makes configuration of the LED wall an intuitively solvable and simple task.

Bigger productions are made possible through the simple management of several screens. Even unusual screen sizes and formats can be easily configurated with VMP and via the controlling PC it is possible to coordinate up to ten controllers in cascading. With the Genlock-function, several controllers can be synchronised easily. The alternation between different, previously set-up and saved pre-sets works with only one click. And the image optimization becomes a cakewalk, as the software enables furthermore the simple adaption of, amongst others, colour, contrast and lighting, so that the entire potential of the shown image can be exploited. Even the colour correction in regards of a complete colour change of individual elements is possible with a few easy steps.

Has the software aroused your interest? On NovaStar’s YouTube channel you will find a whole playlist of tutorials on the VMP software that will immerse you even deeper and explain how to use the software step by step.

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