More NovaStar? Hello! And this makes sense: LED-technology is a versatile industry. The customers are correspondingly heterogeneous. The power of innovation of the market leader is therefore necessary to always offer each customer the fitting solution for their individual needs. You can find information on the device series and accessory options available from NovaStar in the NovaStar shop as well as the news feed.

Official partnership

Since 2020, NovaStar and LEDTEK have had an official company partnership. Even before this connection, LEDTEK always used NovaStar controllers to control its LED walls. One advantage, besides the extensive product portfolio, is in particular the easy, but highly efficient use of the products. Even with the high user friendliness, it is not excluded that questions come up. With the partnership, we developed a close cooperation that makes an effective exchange of resources possible. Therefore, we can always offer our customers a well-funded, individual support.

However, even without a specific occasion, we use our partnership with NovaStar to regularly offer long-standing or potential customers an overview of your options. This time it will be about the TU-series:

Introduction: essential features of the devices

Before we take a close look at LED controllers, this display is here to give you a quick overview of the devices of the TU-series and its functions and features. TU stands for Taurus Ultra. This is understandable because the Taurus devices have a large fanbase – and deservedly so.

TU15 Pro TU20 Pro
Pixel capacity ≤ 2,6 million pixels ≤ 3,9 million pixels
Input HDMI 1.3 / USB 2.0 HDMI 1.3 / USB 2.0
Ouput 4x LED OUT Port 6x LED OUT Port
Maximum width 4,096 pixels 4,096 pixels
Maximum height 1,920 pixels 1,920 pixels
LEDTEK walls
  • P2+BL PRO: 22m2
  • P4+WH: 60m2
  • P4+WH PRO: 60m2
  • P2+sBL NEO: 17m2
  • P2+BL PRO: 33m2
  • P4+WH: 90m2
  • P4+WH PRO: 90m2
  • P2+sBL NEO: 26m2
Area of use Smaller conferences and usage Small to medium-sized conferences and usage

Two times allrounder

Both devices are interactive LED playback and control processors. The media players both offer the option of a central controls without the need for a computer. Also, they support a flexible screen design, so that the use is not limited to rectangular shapes. With a low latency of <80ms, the devices play the content almost instantaneously onto the LED walls. The devices work with a dynamic energy-saving algorithm and require accordingly little energy. They work particularly efficient and support a full-screen standby mode. The picture quality of both products is particularly rich in detail, contrast, dimension and sharp thanks to the multi-dimensional picture enhancement technology used.

TU15 Pro TU-Serie

Your price: ##,## €

To figure out which device fits your area of use best, one has to take a closer look. At the end, we will give you an overview on the relation of this to the other series of the manufacturer.

Between the two devices of the TU-series, the crucial selection criterion would be the pixel capacity. Depending on the size of your planned use, the smaller TU15 Pro can be sufficient or too small. If you have not finished planning and it is possible you might need a bigger device, it could make sense to invest in a bigger device to begin with.

TU20 Pro NovaStar

Your price: ##,## €

By the way, this applies to the other product series as well. Some devices differ only little in price, however, offer a significantly higher pixel capacity or other relevant functions. In the long run, the costlier product might pay off in the end. The answers to these questions depend strongly on your individual plan for events. Of course, we are happy to assist you with this decision making.

Taurus vs. Taurus Ultra

The TU-series is now the significant difference to its step siblings of the Taurus-series. The latter are foremost used to play advertising boards, while the TU devices are mostly used indoors in conference rooms. Hence, the product series has the following useful features:

  • Remote control
  • Several source ports
  • Camera output
  • Cloud solution
  • Screen sharing with up to 9 screens
  • Special software for conference/video calls
  • Phone / PC mirroring
  • Relay control
  • Two HDMI outputs

With the Taurus Ultra, you get a Taurus controller for indoor areas. Other than that, it is as handy, as performance-intensive and as price-performance-strong.

And what about the others?

Now, these two devices are not the only offers of the manufacturer’s portfolio. To make a final decision, one needs to decide on a device series. The individual device can overall be categorized in All-in-One-, Standard- and Taurus-series. The first and the second hereby mostly differ in the availability of an integrated scaler. It can be added with the Standard Line, but is not part of the basic equipment. The Taurus players are LED controllers with an integrated media player. Their main area of use would be with outdoor advertising because all devices have a playback software that can play advertisements. The Taurus- and TU-series also differ in their pixel capacity. The Taurus-series only features devices with 4 outputs á 650,000 pixels control power at most. The respective series can be assigned to several individual controllers which differ in terms of their pixel capacity, latency, number of layers and several other properties, sometimes strongly and sometimes minimally. Thanks to the multitude of devices, the company can offer each customer the exactly suitable product. All devices for sale are in our NovaStar Shop with the according data sheet and technical basis data. On our newsblog, you can also use the search bar to find relevant texts about comparisons and practical applications of the devices.

LEDTEK customer service

The partnership is only one of our offers for our customers. Besides that, with every purchase you receive a training, profit from our 3-year warranty and you can use the advantages of our 48h-spare part service. With any other questions, you can contact us at +49 551 492 493 44 or via email at

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