The Tri-Frame base plate for indoor structures is part of a thought-out overall system that we developed around the Tri-Frame as a highly stable three-point truss. We already introduced it here. Nonetheless, a look at the practice cannot hurt either.

The base plate in use at the PLS 2023

At the Prolight + Sound we were lucky enough to not only equip our own stand, but we also sponsored two areas of the fair with our walls. We equipped the Live Sound Arena with a P4+WH PRO including a Tri-Frame studding (you can find the case study here). At the Performance + Production Hub, where you could e.g. listen to DJs and their music, you could find a P2+BL PRO. For this construction we used the Tri-Frame base plates. And the final result looked like this:

  • P2+BL PRO, Prolight+Sound, LED Wand kaufen
  • P2+BL PRO, Prolight+Sound, LED Wand kaufen

P2+BL PRO at the Performance + Production Hub of the Prolight + Sound 2023, source: LEDTEK

Said and done

Sample Music Festival, who filled the 800 m² Performance + Production Hub with life, requested an LED wall with a 2 mm pixel pitch and a format as wide as possible. We quickly came up with a plan: the P2+BL PRO was our wall of choice, with the measurements 7 x 2.5m. The wall should be put on a pedestal to be as little covered by the DJ desk as possible. In order to prevent the wall from becoming too low due to the limited ceiling height, our Tri-Frame floor panels were ideal here, with which LED walls can be set up both from floor level and with a ground clearance of up to two metres.

To put the 17.5m2 big wall into practice, we needed: 28 cabinets of the P2+BL PRO (1000 x 500mm), 14 cabinets of the P2+sBL PRO (500 x 500 mm), 10 Tri-Frames as well as 5 Tri-Frame Base Plates and a NovaStar VX1000. The construction with the base plates looked like this:

Prolight+Sound, LED Wand kaufen LED Wand leihen

P2+BL PRO at the Performance + Production Hub at the Prolight + Sound 2023, source: LEDTEK

By the way, the drawing of the back of the wall is from our LED wall planer. The tool calculates the safest, most practical and material-saving variation of the construction. In this case, as you can see in the photo, at this height of the LED wall a stiffening with Tri-Frames at every third cabinet is sufficient.

With the LED wall planer, you can configurate your planned LED wall with a few clicks and receive all the important information in a PDF file. For the P2+BL PRO at the Performance + Production Hub, it looked like this:

On small foot or on big

This use shows one possibility how to build an LED wall with a base plate. However, the options are numerous. In the end, constructions with a base plate of a 0.5m LED bar up to an infinitely wide wall can cover everything. There are only limits when it comes to height. Depending on the gaps between the stiffened Tri-Frames, the walls can only be built from 4m to 7m high. More details, also in comparison to our Tri-Frame stand for indoor and outdoor, are broken down in this text.

LEDTEK customer service

To find the fitting way to construct the planned LED wall – or simply to find the right wall for one’s ideas – is not always easy, to be honest. However, that is why we are here and we are happy to assist you! When it comes to availability, service and consultancy, we do our outmost. Hence, you profit from our 3-year warranty, the easily accessible Service Portal and our 48h spare part service. Nonetheless, personal customer consultation is an important concern to us. Simply give us a call at +49 551 492 493 44 or send an email to