New is always better. Right? We agree! With one exception: when it comes to NovaStar’s firmware and software version, we have to make a small exception.

Why some are different to others

In our newsletter, you receive the latest news of the digital world of NovaStar every month. Did you notice that the firmware version of the NovaLCT software never changes? This is because this version always has to fit the LEDTEK-series you purchased. The updating of the firmware without having a wall that is compatible can cause some unwanted visual results.

On the NovaStar website, this difference is of course not to be noticed. For you to get an overview that is always fitting for your LED wall, we created a folder where all relevant files are compacted. The download of the files from the NovaStar website is not only less assorted, but it can also possibly cause damages on your wall. With our folder, you are always playing it safe. To search for the right folder, one click is sufficient: LEDTEK customer folder

Of course, we also keep an eye on the relevant innovations. If a new software version by NovaStar means a noteworthy change for the LEDTEK wall, we will be working on a solution together. Right now, we are for example working on a tailored model for the newest version of NovaLCT, with which an impressive improvement in the image boost can be introduced.

LEDTEK customer service

We are right behind you. Not literally, but when it comes to availability, service and advice, we are always putting a lot of effort into it. This is why you profit from our 3-year warranty, the user-friendly Service Portal and our 48h-spare part service. You can call us at +49 551 492 493 44 or send an email to