The LEDBRIX Advantages

Since last year we have been convinced by our LEDBRIX outdoor wall that was designed specifically for permanent installation. With its pixel pitch of only 6.67mm and its high refresh rate it provides exceptionally great images. Time and effort for maintenance and repairs were reduced by the possibility of front installation. The exchange of broken cabinets can simply be done from the front; thus, a maintenance worker does no longer need to squeeze between the wall and the façade. And as this room for a scaffolding does not need to be considered, LEDBRIX walls are less bulky than other LED constructions.

What is new

We developed an even better version of our LEDBRIX: the P5. Like the name already tells, we reduced the pixel pitch from already amazing 6.67mm to only 5mm in between the individual LEDs. Hence the image is even clearer for the viewer. This is especially useful for rather small walls, when it is expected that people get closer. The lower pixel pitch makes a clearer image possible, but it also means that more LEDs are built into the wall. Therefore, more information needs to be used and more data cables are necessary for the P5 than for the P6.67. In contrast to the P6.67, for which SMD2727-LEDs are used, the P5 uses SMD1921-LEDs that have become the standard LED lately. This is shown in the price, the P5 is a little pricier with a surcharge of around 100 Euros. Compared to the P6.67, the P5 is a little less bright due to its smaller LEDs.

In conclusion

Concluded this means that both possibilities have advantages and disadvantages. In the end the distance of the viewer to the LED wall is decisive. The closer the viewer stands to the wall, the better the resolution needs to be. Otherwise a good quality picture could not be guaranteed, and the wall would not serve its purpose. Besides the difference in pixel pitch and the kind of LEDs that is used, the P5 and the P6.67 are identical. They fit into the same frame and offer the same advantages in installation, appearance, and image display, as already mentioned above.

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