With the so-called Image Boost, colour dynamics and contrast ratio can be increased. More precisely, it is a calibration file by the company NovaStar that in combination with the latest firmware enables image enhancement. But once again from the start: what does the P4+WH Pro have to do with it?

From outdoor to indoor and back

The technique of the Image Boost is nothing new. Indoor walls of the LedTek series have already started with colour calibration. After the optimization, the walls for indoor areas impress with a particularly colour intensive image. However, in combination with the LedTek Pro-series, the calibration process opens a new era:

LED walls are rather high-priced. Customers often purchase for several planned events not a number of LED wall series, but rather only one diverse product. This is especially the case for the indoor and outdoor series.

If, for example, the purchase of an LED wall presupposes very regular outdoor use of the wall, but occasional indoor use is not ruled out, then an outdoor and an indoor product are not necessarily required. Especially the weatherproof outdoor walls are usable indoors as well and can thus cover two areas of use.

So far, there has only been one difficulty with it. LED walls for outdoor use are in their colour intensity specially designed for sun-intensive operation. The wall can be adapted for indoor use in its brightness, nonetheless, so far this caused a loss of the colourful dynamic area of the wall, so that the image quality displayed has suffered not insignificantly from the adjustment for indoor use.

And now, there is something new for that: until today, the image-optimizing measure of the Image Boost was only used with a higher pixel rage, as it is available with indoor walls. With the new update for the Outdoor Pro series, not only is the colour variety within your indoor events now stunningly optimisable, with this update you can easily turn your outdoor wall into an indoor product.

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Image Boost before/after, source: LedTek

The brightness adjustments for the outdoor series in indoor use are made so finely and precisely using NovaStar’s NovaLCT software that the extended range of applications no longer means any kind of loss. The maximum brightness of the LED wall is reduced to 20%. The Image Boost then works in this brightness value of 20% as if it were the maximum output of the modules and thus achieves a breath-taking result. Because the 20% output corresponds with the 100% of an LED wall with lower overall brightness, the brightness can be further reduced accordingly after this adjustment without any degradation in the image. Contour lines, colour shifts, image noise and colour distortion can be reduced to a revolutionary degree.

With the colour-calibrated Pro series, drive-in cinemas in blazing sun, festivals in sleet showers and fairs indoors can all be realised. A wall cannot be more flexible. The Image Boost is not used for image optimisation outdoors. However, the LedTek Pro series is excellently equipped for this area even without a Boost.

Advantages over advantages

Thanks to the significantly improved image quality resulting from the colour calibration, not only outdoor products can be used as easily and without any loss of quality as indoor products. Above all, the possibility of combining the two cabinet types also arises. If the colour-calibrated Pro series and a LedTek P2+sBL stand in close proximity to each other in the indoor area, differences are hardly noticeable after the coordinated image adjustment. Thus, the application options of the LedTek Pro are increased to an unbelievable extent.

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Colour calibration, Display on three different LED walls, source: LedTek

And what do you have to do now? That is quite simple. As the improvement of the picture quality is very small in its technical complexity, a few clicks are enough for updating. You can find a step-by-step guide on our YouTube channel, which we have linked below. And directly on the page of the respective LED wall series, you will find the necessary RGFGX-files and current firmware of the walls for download. For the Pro, the current firmware would be version 4.7.

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