NovaStar‘s MX-series went hand in hand with the inclusion of the new VMP software and the COEX system, and has since offered possibilities for customers with new ideas, individual requirements and the desire for a rethought control system. To ensure that the news reaches everyone, NovaStar always develops several products of different scope for its series of units. Therefore, the MX20 was added to a whole family of MX units at the end of July 2023. It completes the series as the smallest unit.

What can it do?

The small All-in-One controller integrates video processing and controlling in one case. It offers 2x HDMI 1.3, 1x 3G-SDI input connections, 6x Eternet output connections and 2x optical 10G ports. Overall, you can play 3.9 million pixels with the device. With this, it is 2.6 million pixels behind the next bigger MX30 and is therefore particularly suitable for smaller applications with high demand for individualization.

The capacity of the controller is comparable with the VX600 of the VX-series. Incidentally, the other units of the MX-series also have an equivalent in the predecessor series VX, for example, the MX30 is similar to the VX1000. The differences between the respective units lie mainly in the possibility of using VMP.


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Technical basis data
Output 6x LED OUT Port / OPT
  • Scaler with 3.9 million pixels
  • 3 Layer/ Low Latency

LEDTEK customer service

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