NovaStar is waving goodbye to its SmartLCT software, making it easier for end users. Why is that? Find all the important information here:

NovaLCT and SmartLCT are programming softwares by NovaStar. NovaLCT is generally considered to be the more professional of the two and was originally aimed primarily at manufacturers and developers. SmartLCT, on the other hand, was intended to be a slimmed-down version for the less experienced end user and, over the period of its use, mainly had the advantage of being accessible via iOS. Overall, however, the software was always less easy to use than the more professional NovaLCT, despite its user-friendly approach.

In the process of releasing the new VX series, NovaStar now completely discontinues the SmartLCT support. It is only the old devices that can still be controlled via the software. For the new devices of the manufacturer, the use of the SmartLCT software is therefore not only no longer advisable, but no longer possible at all. In order to be able to work optimally with the LED controllers from NovaStar, it is therefore essential to work with the NovaLCT software, which by now is 14 years old. Its age however is due to its reliability and does not mean that it is not up to date. The rock-solid basis of the software is constantly being adapted to the latest technical requirements. Unlike SmartLCT, NovaLCT is only Windows-based.

The different steps of programming with NovaLCT you can look up in our user manual. And about all news and updates around the programming and other contexts in the world of LED technology, we additionally inform you on our news page. We have also provided a video tutorial for those who are looking for more information. On our YouTube channel you will find the following video as well as many other clips about the NovaLCT software:

By the way, you don’t have to miss SmartLCT because of the absent functions for iOS PCs. With the release of NovaStar’s VMP software, which is programmed for both operating systems, these will be possible again.

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