All-in-One does not necessarily mean All-in-One. NovaStar develops its products always according to the demands of the time. The well-known VX-series of the manufacturer was therefore complemented by a series with controllers of a comparable capacity, that works with a new, flexible and future-oriented software. Part if this series is also the MX30. We will show you what you will get:

A gentle start

To get closer to the MX30, it is helpful to take a look at the VX-predecessor by the manufacturer. If you know the VX1000, you also get an idea of the MX30. With 10x LED OUT Ports each, a pixel capacity of in total 6.5 million, and the support of 3 layers each, the VX1000 and MX30 are pretty similar. Both devices are suitable for medium-sized applications with a medium display complexity. Layer size, positions and priority are freely adjustable.

What’s new?

The significant differences between the two devices are the new operating system and the new software. The MX-series is NovaStar’s first series with the new COEX system and the VMP software. With this, the manufacturer for LED controlling solutions takes a big step towards the future, user and customer friendliness, as well as an entirely rethought controlling system. In particular, the HDMI 2.0 connection is of significance. This makes the unit capable of 4K2K performance at 60 Hz. The comparable VX1000, however, only manages 4K1K at the same Hetz rate. Before the introduction of the MX30, NovaStar’s smallest 4K controller was the UHD Junior. This was undoubtedly a good purchase, but the smaller UHD version belongs to the next larger generation of devices from the manufacturer. The UHD devices are overall made for more complex events and are therefore more financially expensive. Here, it is to note that both the VX1000 and the MX30 only have 10 outputs. For a 4K transmission power, 16 outputs of this strength are necessary. Therefore, the MX30 cannot transmit 4K, but it can receive it as a scaler. This function is the relevant one in the end. LED walls work like construction kits, as individual cabinets can be placed next to one another arbitrarily. An LED wall that requires even a little more than 2K is then comparatively small but can already no longer be operated by the VX1000. Originally, it was necessary to switch directly to the much larger UHD Junior at this point. The MX30 is to be used at this point.


MX30 NovaStar COEX
INPUT HDMI 2.0 / HDMI 1.4 / 3G-SDI
Output 10x LED OUT Port / OPT
  • Scaler with 6.5 million pixels
  • 3 Layer/ Low Latency

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LEDTEK customer service

With the MX30 you have a reliable friend by your side. Further information on its abilities and news you can inquire on the phone or via email. You can reach us at +49 551 492 493 44 or send an email to Not quite as handy as the MX30, but certainly just as reliable, are our other service offerings. When working together, you always benefit from our 3-year warranty, a fast spare parts service and a permanently accessible service portal for your own administration.

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