We wanted to celebrate our fair stand at this year’s Prolight + Sound in a fitting manner – and had two large LED constructions directly at our stand. One of them was a Tri-Frame studding, on which we presented our P2+BL PRO. The studding took up almost half of our 40m2 fair stand, but it stood tall.

Maximum height with the Tri-Frame studding at the Prolight + Sound

Our original idea of a 10 m high LED wall at our exhibition stand – yes, it really is possible to build this high indoors with the Tri-Frame framework – unfortunately had to be discarded due to the maximum height of 8 m specified by the trade fair. But even this height leaves an impression. Our stand was located close to the entrance of the fair hall and with this we wanted that the visitors were greeted with the charming back of the Tri-Frame studding. To unleash its full potential, we built the wall over the entire width of the fair stand.

In the end, the overall construction was 4.5 x 8m, the bottom of the P2+BL PRO started in 2m height so that we could use the Tri-Frames underneath as holders for our fair bags, and one could view the wall’s entirety without being disturbed by the people up front. The final packing list for the whole project was as follows: 54 P2+BL PRO cabinets, 40 Tri-Frame, five basements, the MCTRL4K by Novastar as well as a media server. The result looked like this:

  • Tri-Frame Ständerwerk, Prolight+Sound, LED Wand kaufen
  • Tri-Frame Ständerwerk, Prolight+Sound, LED Wand kaufen

P2+BL PRO with the Tri-Frame studding at the Prolight + Sound 2023, source: LEDTEK

Quick planning with the LED wall planner

Being able to put such a high construction on the stand at all without it taking up too much space is possible thanks to the ingenuity of our Tri-Frame studding. The outstanding features of the Tri-frame – that honestly even surprised us with their capacity – make a incomparable slim and compact construction possible. What this looks like and what a complete packing list for such a construction contains, this and much more can be found in the LED wall planner:

P2+BL PRO_Tri_Frame_Ständerwerk_PLS 2023

Technical drawing of the P2+BL PRO with Tri-Frame studding for the PLS 2023, source: ledplaner.com

You do not know the tool yet? Under the simple link ledplaner.com, we make the tool available for you. It answers all the questions you could have for your LED project: How do I have to wire? What accessories do I need? How much ballast is necessary? Get all these answers and many more with the LED Wall Planner. Take a look at the document of this case study as an example:

Exhibitors and sponsors

At the Prolight + Sound, we were not only exhibitors, but also sponsors of two areas. In the Live Sound Arena we installed a 9 x 6 m P4+WH PRO on the Tri-Frame studding and in the Performance + Production Hub we installed a P2+BL PRO with the Tri-Frame base plates. The corresponding reports can be found here and here.

LEDTEK customer service

To find the fitting way to construct the planned LED wall – or simply to find the right wall for one’s ideas – is not always easy, to be honest. However, that is why we are here, and we are happy to assist you! When it comes to availability, service and consultancy, we do our outmost. Hence, you profit from our 3-year warranty, the easily accessible Service Portal and our 48h spare part service. Nonetheless, personal customer consultation is an important concern to us. Simply give us a call at +49 551 492 493 44 or send an email to vertrieb@ledtek.de.