A studding for indoors and outdoors? This is only available with us and it is called the Tri-Frame! We had both versions with us at this year’s Prolight + Sound. We had one of them with us at our indoor stand to present the P2+BL PRO. With the outdoor variant of the studding and the P4+WH PRO, we could sponsor the Live Sound Arena of the fair. You can read more about how the studding presented itself here. Furthermore, we equipped the Performance + Production Hub of the Prolight + Sound with a P2+BL PRO. It was constructed with Tri-Frame base plates; the report for this is available here.

54m2 P4+WH PRO for the Live Sound Arena

In the Live Sound Arena on the open-air grounds of the PLS, sound reinforcement systems can be put under the auditory magnifying glass under realistic conditions every year. This year, we supported the area with a big outdoor wall. A total of 9 x 6m of the P4+ WH PRO were placed there and built quickly and simply with the Tri-Frame studding. While the majority of the LED-wall space was played by the organiser, we could make the visitors aware of our stand in the fair hall with the lower meters of the wall.

  • P4+WH PRO, Tri-Frame Ständerwerk, LED Wand leihen
  • P4+WH PRO, Tri-Frame Ständerwerk, LED Wand kaufen
  • P4+WH PRO, Tri-Frame Ständerwerk, LED Wand leihen
  • P4+WH PRO, Tri-Frame Ständerwerk, LED Wand leihen

P4+WH PRO with Tri-Frame studding at the Prolight + Sound 2023, source: LEDTEK

Of course, a wall of this size requires some material. Hence, we had 108 cabinets of the P4+WH PRO, 70 Tri-Frames and ten studding basements on our list. To play on the wall, we also had a VX1000 and a TB30 by NovaStar with us. You find a detailed packing list and a technical drawing in our LED wall planer:

The tool at ledplaner.com creates a PDF in no time with all the important details you need to plan your LED wall precisely. This includes the technical data of the wall as well as the basic construction, the data and power supply, a technical drawing including the necessary weights and a detailed packing list.

The Tri-Frame studding

With the Tri-Frame we developed a piece of truss, whose full range of possible applications has only become fully apparent to us over the course of time. The Tri-Frame frame alone, of which more than 36 assembly variants have now been statically calculated, enables quick and simple assembly and can be used in a wide variety of scenarios. Outdoors it can be built up to 5 m without a test book and up to 7 m with a test book. And indoors, it can be built up to 10m! And all that without looking bulky or chunky. But it is best to read about this in detail here. In this article we also explain the difference between Tri-Frame studding and Tri-Frame base plate, because …

LEDTEK customer service

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